Alan turing
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Alan Turing Memorial Closer
Alan Turing was born in 1912 and passed away 1954. He was a british mathematician, logician and a computer scientist. He invented the Turing machine and gave a formalisation of the concepts of algorithm and computation.

Alan Turing was educated at Sherborne School in Dorset and went to King's College to study mathematics. He was chosen as a fellow of King's College at the age 22. At the same year he invented the abstract computing machines called Truing machine. 

Turing machine is a theoretical model how a computer works. Alan Turing invented it for explaining the concept algorithm. Turing machine reminds of a simple computer but he did not invent the computer and monitor as we know it today. The machine is thought to be a computer program.

Years 1937-38 he was studying in Princeton. In 1938 Turing obtained his Ph.D. from Princeton. It was based on the Turing machine. 

During second worldwar Turing was working to break germans ciphers in Bletchley Park. He was working with Tommy Flowers.

In 1948 he became a reader in Manchester University. He developed a program for the earliest computer, Manchester Mark 1. He also invented a test called Turing test to evaluaute the level when a computer can be called intelligent.

Turing was a homosexual and at that time it was illegal to be one. It was thought to be a mental illness. Turing was convicted for the same crime that Oscar Wilde was convicted 50 years ago. 

In 1954 Turing was found dead by his cleaning laday. He died to a poisoning. It ws called a suicide but her mother couldn't believe that and she said that it was an accident. 

Nowdays every year one person is awarded a Turing Award for example Dennis Ritchie  Turing has a memorial statue in Manchester.