Guglielmo Marconi 1901
Guglielmo Marconi

Guglielmo Marconi

Guglielmo Marconi was born in 1874 into a wealthy family living in Bologna, Italy. As a teen he attended the Livorno Technical institute. This is where his interest in using radio waves to communicate began. At this time, people sent messages with telegraph wires. Marconi was very influenced by people like Maxwell,Righi, Lodge and Heinrich Hertz. Hertz especially since he was the one who had discovered radio waves. Marconi began to experiment and as more time went by, he was able to send and receive signals from farther and farther distances. eventually he could send one the distance of two miles. The Italian government was not impressed with his work so he traveled to England in 1896. The British Post Office was very interested in Marconis inventions as was  The british admiralty who used Marconis communication invention in their ships. Queen Victorea also used a wireless station that Marconi made for her so that she could contact Prince Edward who was at seas. By 1899, he could send a signal 31 miles (across the English Channel) and in 1901, he sent one across the atlantic ocean. Marconi also traveled to the U.S. where he became well known for his wireless device. Marconi’s next concentration was to have a transatlantic broadcast. In 1901 he tried to send one from England to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This did not work so he tried again from Cornwall to Newfoundland (a shorter distance).  This time he succeeded in receiving the letter “s”, this was the first transatlantic radio signal. Marconi’s success caused the beginning of a large wireless industry. A person who significantly helped perfect Marconi’s invention was Karl Ferdinand. Marconi and Ferdinand received the Novel Prize in physics in 1909. Marconi’s inventions are revolutionary not to mention that it saved the survivors of the Titanic. Marconi died in 1937 in Rome from a heart attack. Without Guglierlmo's discoveries, we would not have had the knowledge needed to invent things such as the modem.  He was very well known during his days along with people like Larry page and Sergey Brin and was respected by the geniuses of future generations such as Steve JobsSteve Jobs who would not have been able to create the things that he did without Marconi's work. 

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