Add a photoAlan TuringAlan Turing 2013
AnsgarBIOSBenoit Mandelbrot
Benoit Mandelbrot 2012Bill GatesBill Gates 2
Bill Gates 2012Bill Gates 2013CPU 2015
CPU 2015-16 BCPU 2016-17 ACPU 2016-17 B
CPU 2017-18 ACentral Processing UnitCharles Babbage
Charles Babbage 2013Dennis RitchieDennis Ritchie 2013
Douglas EngelbartDouglas Engelbart 2012George Boole
Gordon MooreGuglielmo MarconiGuglielmo Marconi 2013
HDD 2015-16 BHDD 2017-18 AHard Disk Drive
Hard Disk Drive 2012Hard Disk Drive 2013Hard Disk Drive 2014
John McCarthyJohn W. BackusJohn von Neumann
Larry Page and Sergey BrinLarry Page and Sergey Brin 2012Larry Page and Sergey Brin 2013
List of Hardware ArticlesList of Hardware Articles 2012List of Hardware Articles 2013
List of Hardware Articles 2014List of Hardware Articles 2015List of Hardware Articles 2015-16 B
List of Hardware Articles 2016-17 AList of Hardware Articles 2016-17 BList of Hardware Articles 2017-18 A
List of Historical Figures in TechnologyList of Historical Figures in Technology 2012List of Historical Figures in Technology 2013
Mark ZuckerbergMark Zuckerberg 2012Mark Zuckerberg 2013
ModemModem 2012Modem 2013
Modem 2015Modem 2015-16 BModem 2017-18 A
MonitorMonitor 2012Monitor 2013
Monitor 2014Monitor 2015Monitor 2015-16 B
Monitor 2016-17 AMonitor 2016-17 BMonitor 2017-18 A
MotherboardMotherboard 2013Motherboard 2014
Motherboard 2015-16 BMotherboard 2016-17 AMotherboard 2016-17 B
Motherboard 2017-18 ANolan BushnellOptical Drive
Optical Drive 2013Optical Drive 2014Optical Drive 2015
Optical Drive 2015-16 BOptical Drive 2016-17 AOptical Drive 2016-17 B
Optical Drive 2017-18 APeripheralsPeripherals 2012
Peripherals 2013Peripherals 2014Peripherals 2015
Peripherals 2015-16 BPeripherals 2016-17 APeripherals 2017-18 A
Philip Don EstridgePortsPower Supply
Power Supply 2012Power Supply 2014Power Supply 2015
Power Supply 2015-16 BPower Supply 2016-17 APower Supply 2017-18 A
RAM 2015RAM 2015-16 BRAM 2016-17 A
RAM 2016-17 BRAM 2017-18 ARandom Access Memory
Random Access Memory 2012Random Access Memory 2013Random Access Memory 2014
Read-Only MemorySSDSSD 2015
SSD 2015-16 BSSD 2016-17 ASSD 2016-17 B
SSD 2017-18 ASolid-State DriveSolid-State Drive 2013
Solid State Drive 2014Sound CardSound Card 2012
Sources for CPU WikiaSteve JobsSteve Jobs 2012
Steve Jobs 2013Thomas Watson, Jr.Tim Berners-Lee
Tim Berners-Lee 2013Tommy FlowersTommy Flowers 2013
Video CardVideo Card 2012Video Card 2013
Video Card 2014Video Card 2015Video Card 2015-16 B
Video Card 2016-17 AVideo Card 2016-17 BVideo Card 2016-17 C
Video Card 2017-18 AVideo cardWWS Technology Wiki
William Shockley

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