Modem by Lily Martin

The modem (modulator-demodulator) is a device located either on the inside of the computer or on the outside. Modems allow computers to send data over communication lines (cell phones, radios etc.). The modem takes the computer's data and converts it into a modulated analog waveform that can then travel over physical travel lines ("Modem." World of Computer Science). The modem also has a demodulator so it can receive data rather than send it ("Modem." World of Invention0). Internal modems are called expansion cards. An external modem (as shown in the picture to the right) plug into or connect to the computer through R
S-232 ports, which is located on the motherboard Motherboard 2017-18 B. External modems are considered to be peripherals Peripherals 2017-18 B Depending on the model, modems will either move slow or fast. Slower modem transmissions are measured in baud rates that signal every second. Faster models are measured in bits per second the fastest dial up modem being 56000 bits per second ("Modem." World of Computer Science). Faster transmissions are only for modems that can compress and decompress their data. This way phones another devices can receive and transmit data faster so calls and such don't get backed up ("Modem." World of Computer Science). Once these data transmissions make into the computer, if the intent is to download the data then it will be stored in the hard disk drive HDD 2017-18 B. If the data is for general browsing or information it is stored in the RAM RAM 2017-18 B.

First modem was invented in 1954 for a IBM and was called a Data Transceiver. Around the same time telephone modems were created that ran at 1200 bits per second. The speed of the modems increased as time went on and by the 1980s it had increased to 2400. By the 1990s internal modems became a standard part of a computer. The same decade modems could also process voice transmissions. However, these modem couldn't process voice and data transmissions. The ones that did were available with DSL("high speed internet") which was very impressive at the time ("Modem." World of Invention).

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