By. Nathan Walter Kulesza student at WWS grade 11

In a computer an optical disk drive or (ODD) scans the data on CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray. The (ODD) uses a laser light to scan the data on the disk so that you can procrastinate instead of doing homework. in modern computer the optical drive is able to not only read prerecorded data on a disk, but burn new data onto the blank disk. An optical disk drive uses a laser to read and write data. A laser in this context means an electromagnetic wave with a very specific wavelength within or near the visible light spectrum. Different types of discs require different wavelengths.


In 1958 David Paul Gregg first imagined the technology that we would later call optical Drive. At that time he called the technology "Videodisk." From 1961 through 1969 David Paul Gregg's company called "Gauss Electrophysics" patented he technology. But then the company was acquired by MCA . MCA bought the rights to the technology and patent the optical disk. When they did this they also acquired the rights to the process for making a video record disk and other optical disk technology. The Optical disk technology was released to the people in 1978 during that time it was given to the people in Atlanta, Georgia.


The Optical drive might be removed from the next stage in computer development. As computers move more and more into the digital era the need for a sold disk to be inserted into the computer is becoming more obsolete. But many people believe that removing the optical drive altogether is an unwise idea that we will regret. What would happen if you need to install software or recover data.

When a DVD is inserted into the optical drive the DVD must then jump start the Video card or GPU (Graphical Processing Unit). Because the optical drive drive is connected to the Video card, it is in turn connected to the Motherboard. The optical drive like any other part of the computer requires power and thus it is connected to the Power Supply.

749px-Panasonic UJ-845-C Optical Drive Internals

The optical drive helps people around the world listen music, download software and watch moves and TV shows