Optical Drive by Nayah Valseca

Optical Disc Drives are portable computer parts that work to store and retrieve data from a disc and transfer
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it into the computer. They store more information than Floppy Discs however, they are decreasing in popularity fast, as technology improves and more advanced computer parts are created. Most people who work with advanced technology and computers say that they haven't received software from a disc for a long time. As predicted, discs aren't being used nearly as much these days, leading to no need for optical discs at all; I predict that in the near future, they will no longer be used or sold. CPU 2017-18 B and SSD 2017-18 B can shrink, whereas optical drives cannot because they would no longer be able to fit discs if they did and computers are getting thinner because nobody wants a large chunky laptop, therefore all signs are pointing to no more optical drives. If discs and optical drives disappear entirely, then there will no longer be a way to access old information held on them which could lead to future issues.

Optical drives are both internal and external; if one buys a computer that does not contain an internal optical drive, there is an alternative: buying an external, portable optical drive separately and connecting it to one's computer.

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The word "optical" means vision, but in the field of technological terms, optical refers to lasers that are used to read the data on data on discs. The lasers are used to read each discs unique bumps and dips which the computer reads as ones and zeros, then the data is transferred into the computer from the disc. There are many different types of drives, whereas some are used to read data, others such as HDD 2017-18 B which are used to store data directly.

Here's what the inside of an optical drive looks like:

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