A Power Supply is what powers your computer and without a Power Supply a computer is abosolite. The Power Supply converts the Alternate Current (AC) from your house plug, to Direct Current (DC) which is esential for your Personal Computer (PC). The power supply is usually located in a back corner of the case. you can see the Power Supply fro the exterior because there is a fan and a plug for a power source. Power Supplies are refured to as "switching power supplies", and usually supply a Personal Computer (PC) with 3.3, 5 and 12 volts. The 5 and 3.3 volts are used for digital circutes like the Motherboard while the 12 volts are most commonly used for spinnig the Hard Disk Drive (HDD). The only thing the Power Supply does power is the Monitor and the Peripherals. For more information on how the Power Supply works click here.


     The computer supply does the job you'd expect it to, it powers the computer. The orange wire  on the power supply means 3.3 voltage. The yellow wire means 12 voltage which is considerably high and is the highest voltaged wire of the whole computer. The blue wire is classified as negative 12 meaning the voltage isn't as high as the others. The red wire has a positive 5 voltage and is the second highest voltage out of all of them. The white wire is a negative 5 voltage and apparently is not available for every power supply meaning that it can be rare. The purple wire is for standby and it has a voltage of positive 5. The brown wire is for remote sensing and it has a voltage of 3.3. All in all the power supply is the most vital part of the computer becasue without it the computer would not even exist. For more information click here .

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