Recently manufactured computer power supply units.

By Ricardo Kornegay

The power supply of a computer is like the heart of a human. Its sole job is to intake energy coming from outside the computer and distribute the correct amount to each part of the computer that needs it. Without the power supply energy would constantly flow through parts that might not need it and destroy the computer altogether. Alternating currents (AC) are taken in and turned into Direct currents (DC) which are then distributed throughout the computer where power is needed. The power supply also regulates the heat intake and has a fan that will cool itself down when it begins to overheat.

The power supply is located in the back of the case where it includes the fan and numerous ports that bring in and take out energy within and outside the computer. There are numerous wires bundled together that connect to other parts inside the computer. These wire bring in alternating currents and distribute direct currents. Some other parts of a computer that use the power supply’s energy distribution include the monitor, RAM, and hard drives.

The first power supply’s were created around 1920 and were used in some of the first radios and televisions. By the 1930-40s when radios and televisions became more popular, the need for power supply systems became a necessity.  Over time, technology increased from video game consoles to laptops which meant power supplies were produced more and more. Today there are a plethora of power supplies being made by many different companies. Power supplies are becoming more powerful since technology itself is advancing. Newer power supplies can take in more energy and distribute it more effectively where it is needed. In the near future we could see power supplies getting smaller and even more high tech then what they currently are.


Inside a power supply unit.