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Solid State Drive or SSD computer is a component designed for iWarehousing. The difference between a hard drive or IDE Sata ordinnaire (older models),, is that it contains no moving parts that is to say: ordinnaire on a hard drive it uses one or more platforms round on a magnetic medium that rotates at high speed 7,000 rpm (the most comum today) against it by the defect of being more fragile, noisy

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and emconbrant.

Disk SSD cons do not contain virtually no moving parts it uses flash memory which provides a huge advantage because it increases the speed of enorment transfer files produces no vibration and no noise so less power consumption which can be advantageously used for a long-term or on laptops.

But since not everything is rosy, it has a very high price per GB Ordinnaire a hard drive costs about 70 dollar to 500 Gb SSD while on an average of 1200 dollar, the 500GB.

Since 2009 A lot of large manufacturers Dell. Apple, Acer ... We're starting to use SSD as not only the SSD are cheaper more efficient less space they have a higher response time (0.1 ms against 13 ms) is an example: with an ordinary disk turn on the computer that average of two minutes depending on the remaining space retrieval, with an SSD systems take an average of 40 seconds. SSD is a hard drive but more powerful. It connects through a SATA cable to the rear and a SATA power cable basic.