AMD 6990-590x480

Video card evolution

The video card is the most upgraded component in home computers. The video card started out from humble beginnings at a time when advances in computer graphics moved much slower than today. The modern video card fits well within the granular paradigm of home computers making upgrades a simple process.

What is a video card and how it works

A video card (also called display adapter) is a board that plugs into the computer to give it display capabilities. The display capabilities of a computer, however, depend on both the logical circuitry (provided in the video adapter) and the display monitor. A monochrome monitor, for example, cannot display colors no matter how powerful the video adapter is.


Many different types of video adapters are available for computers. Each adapter offers several different video modes. The two basic categories of video modes are text and graphics. In text mode, a monitor can display only ASCII characters. In graphics mode, a monitor can display any bit-mapped image. Within the text and graphics modes, some monitors also offer a choice of resolutions. At lower resolutions a monitor can display more colors.


Most modem video adapters contain memory, so that the computer’s RAM is not used for storing displays. In addition, some adapters have their own graphics coprocessor for performing graphics calculations. These adapters are called graphics accelerators.

A video card is a component that connects the motherboard to your monitor (sometiees the video card is built into the motherboard but it has the same purpose) . The video card is plugged into the motherboard (your motherboard) and it has a connector of your computer so you could plug it in your monitor. The main goal of the video card is to provide us with a picture on our screen (also called monitor). If we don't have any kind of video card in our computer we wontt be able to see anything. In conclusion the computer is useless without the video card.

If you think of buying a computer you should always have on your mind that a videocardd with high memory will improve the speed of your computer also it will be able to show pictures faster. Meaning that the computers Central Processing Unit (also called CPU) can focus on other things. For example if you have a videocardd with 64MB RAM (memory) for instance, it will run movies pretty well in full-screen, but if your video card is only 16MB the video will be very sticky meaning it wontt give you the same resolts as the faster one.