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A video card or a graphic accelerator can be very important in a today's computer. Although the CPU does most of the processing on a computer, a video card can be used to process the graphics as well. The monitor can then display the images processed by the video card. Most of computer programs today use graphics, thus the video card can be used to run the graphics of almost every program more efficiently. Video cards are especially useful for photo and Web browser programs because the video card speeds up the rendering of 2D images. It also speeds up the rendering of 3D images, which is useful for design programs and video games.

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A video card has a processing unit, a memory unit, and a cooling system. It connects both to the display device and the motherboard. The random-access memory (RAM) used in a motherboard is almost the same as the video cards are very much a like. Through a slot (often an Accelerated Graphics Port or a Peripheral Component Interconnect Express connection) the video card is connected to a computer system's motherboard. An expansion slot on the motherboard is where an internal peripheral, like a video card, can be connected. Another similarity between the motherboard and the video card is that both are printed circuit board. In fact, a video card is similar in some ways to a computer.

Not too long ago, when computer graphics were very new, video cards were rather crude. Mainly it just sent output data from the processor to the display. The output was mainly in text form. Obviously, color and complicated graphics did not exist yet.

Now, instead of just passing data from the processor to the display, the video card can help process. It can enhance or change the level of the data output, making it invaluable for those who need high quality imagery on their monitor.

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